Performance and Events


Over 600 hundred knitted purses to play with, create with and hold gentle conversations around money and mental health. 


Show and Tell


A one-to-one event of anti-anxiety-action. A tiny exhibition of you created from the objects you carry in bags and pockets. 




Adventures in Noggle Noggle Land

Zany but gently inclusive poetry show fun for all ages.

Dancing at the Edges


A project for SLiDE Dance at St Christophers Hospice in collaboraion with artist Louise Klarnett and film maker Sophie Standford.


museum of non achievement

A lazy counter-culture space for half arsed rehearsal and unfinished business 

Pressings (2021)

Created as an artist response to Perfect Show for Rachel by ZOO Theatre Co. 

Up and Down (2022)

Paper, string, wood, ink, water. 

Public Poems

Leaving poems behind...

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